Slogan Denim Trousers $275

tigran avetisyan jeans 2

These oversized bleached black denim trousers have a wide leg and an elastic waistband stitched with the enigmatic phrase, “What Will Remain.”

Oh just shut up. They’re also unbelievably stupid from every angle.

Does the fact that the designer, Tigran Avetisyan, is a Russian hipster mitigate the awfulness of these ‘denim trousers?’ Not for me. No pass for Tigran.

If we’re grading strictly on unattractiveness, this is a ten out of ten. The shape, the hem, the stupid waistband slogan, pure eyesore.

But don’t worry, they’re sold out!

3 thoughts on “Slogan Denim Trousers $275

  1. I’m starting to wonder if a lot of these websites just pretend they have stuff this bad for sale. It’s the new hipster “ironic.” So, so ugly, expensive AND sold out.

    They look like they could stand up on their own like some weird marble plinth for people with no legs.

    For some reason I get a really strong urge to beat them up. I’ve never felt this way about a piece of denim before but I totally want to fuck up those jeans. They are the primal scream of the denim world.

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