Is This Art, Or Just Sad?

faustine jacket eww

‘This unique denim jacket is engineered to look unraveled.’

Well, the engineering is successful, at least. But why???

On sale for $924, this is obviously an investment piece. You could wear it to shreds and it would still be good as new.

Not that it’s good.

I can see it’s Art, in the sense that it is baffling. It’s not designed with function in mind: It’s a passive-aggressive way to impress your friends in the fashion world.

Faustine Steinmetz is probably a good name to throw around with It Girls, but otherwise she seems determined to create clothes that are pretentious and awful. Even the model is bummed out.

This jacket rates a full 10 out of ten.

3 thoughts on “Is This Art, Or Just Sad?

  1. I am by no means defending this article of clothing, but I can’t help noticing that, unlike your other featured pieces, it’s not actively unflattering to the human form. Incidentally unflattering, maybe; actively unflattering, no. Thank you for reading my opinion here on the Internet!

  2. I’m more offended by the other garment; Stone wash and elastic waistbands seem to go together like Tom and Jerry. Why is that?

    It’s nice to have a picture with no feet as I feel this would have tipped me over the edge.

    I blame Levi’s for the word ‘engineering’ when describing denim. It’s totally unnecessary and pretentious. Lets save that words for things with engines and structures, not little bits of cloth.

  3. Nephew Notwolf – You make a good point. Accordingly, I will have to lower its score to a 9 out of 10.

    Suspended – YES, Levi’s started that and look what it reaped. Now I keep wondering what shoes would be appropriate? The new silver Birkenstocks?

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