Back To Front Jeans, Ha Ha

back to front jeans haha710 dollars

These high-rise distressed jeans are a little joke by Ashish, a brand that thinks denim should be ironic.

Wouldn’t it be funny if you wore jeans that looked like you put them on backwards but they were actually made that way? And how much funnier if you paid $710?

Look, here’s the back view:

back to front jeans 2 haha710 dollars

Well, it doesn’t get much funnier, does it?

Call me humorless, I usually try to look attractive in jeans, even when I don’t. I might wear them backwards if you paid me $710. In fact, yes, this is an official offer for a limited time only.

A lot of thought and work went into these stupid trompe l’oeil jeans, effort that should have been directed toward curing cancer or making low-fat ice cream in more flavors.

The good/bad news is that now you can get these jeans on sale for only $426. They’re sold out in size large, so be watching for a big rich lady with her pants on backward.

5 thoughts on “Back To Front Jeans, Ha Ha

  1. Please don’t let this site just be the equivalent of an angry rant! Stick with it, don’t give up, people MUST know about the horrors of hideous denim.

  2. Tosslehoff – Don’t worry, I write my angry rants elsewhere. This is strictly a disappreciation of hideous denim, and a public service.

  3. Aaahh…another ‘favourite’ of mine, nicotine stained denim.

    I would really love to see someone walking backwards in these. Add the effect of a twisted torso and the jeans almost don’t seem quite so hideous.

  4. This model seems to have her butt on back to front too. the photos are slightly dis-orientating, maybe the hideousness of the pants is messing with my normal mental function.

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