Flared Enough For You?

Kenzo Wide Leg Jeans 745

Are these hideous or just stupid? I feel conflicted.

In any case, they need to be here.  Again, a designer has chosen to be ironic instead of functional or flattering. Is Kenzo saying, “You want BIG?” Or just “Hey, stupid, buy this!”

Before you start thinking these are kind of cute, in an exaggerated sailor kind of way, take another look.

Kenzo Wide Leg Jeans 2

All that fucking fabric! WHY? Imagine trying to sit in a restaurant chair, or running to catch a bus?

Lucky for somebody, they are on sale with only size 36 available.

At $745, these jeans are absurdly overpriced, but now at $298 they’re just a No, thanks

One thought on “Flared Enough For You?

  1. These are soooo ugly. Imagine them in the rain, holding on to 200lbs of water and dragging you close and closer to the ground like you’re going down a set of stairs.

    There’s enough denim in these to reconcile Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

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