Balmain Brings It

balmain denim suit

I was so taken by this denim Balmain mini skirt, on sale for $1,123, that I nearly had an aneurism when I discovered the matching jacket, reduced from $2,895 to only $1,448.

Imagine the horrified stares if you walked into a room decked out in your distressed embellished Balmain denim mini-suit?

Let me just quote Stylebop:

Under the helm of Olivier Rousteing, heritage It-brand Balmain has been reinvented for the A-list with brash rocker attitude, luxurious fabrics, and rococo embellishments.

Ooh, nailed it!!! Rococo is key. Brash rocker attitude, ditto.

Think of it this way: If you saw this outfit at Walmart for $29.95, would you buy it?

Of course not! But add a couple thousand dollars, and it’s couture. Plus, look at the painstaking workmanship on the skirt.

Balmain denim rear

Calculating the factors of stupidity, hideousness, and price, I’m going to give this effort a solid nine out of ten.


3 thoughts on “Balmain Brings It

  1. I does look totally Walmart. God, help me.

    Just a quick note: I think this could be the most culturally important website to pop up in years.

  2. This looks like it was made with Miley in mind. The model should have her tongue hanging out for extra “brash rocker attitude.”

    When I stare at it, I get the feeling I’m watching the world from the ocean floor. Denim sea sickness is a whole new emotion.

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