Denim Playsuit, $1,005

Denim Playsuit Steve and Yoni

What is more stylish than a denim playsuit?

Let net-a-porter explain:

Steve J & Yoni P’s blue denim playsuit is your one-stop solution to effortless off-duty dressing. This relaxed design is fitted with plenty of practical pockets and features a tonal patch at the chest. Roll the sleeves and cuffs to add to its insouciant ease.


It is so totally effortless, except for the part about earning $1,005.00 to throw around. But listen, there’s a tonal patch at the chest, okay? That kind of thing isn’t going to be cheap. Tonal patches don’t grow on trees.

Now, here comes the insouciant rolled sleeves and cuffs:

Denim Playsuit 2 Steve and Yoni

I like that 80s-looking shoulder action, don’t you?

If looking like an overgrown child playing Engineer is your dream come true, hurry up and buy this ‘piece,’ ahem. There’s only ONE LEFT in size large!


3 thoughts on “Denim Playsuit, $1,005

  1. Omg.
    If I hear “effortless” used in fashion one more time, I am going to blow!
    Nothing is effortless. Putting on pants is an effort. Putting this pile of crap on is shameful, and no small effort, I am guessing!

  2. I’ve gone through every picture and this is an amazing compendium of hideous and repulsive denim. Are these clothes trying to be ironic ?

  3. I had to look up insouciant,”showing a casual lack of concern” said the dictionary. Showing a casual lack of concern for what I wonder? Taste, how much they cost, how horrid they look, the 80s-looking shoulder action? another triumph in the hunt for hideous denim.

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