Reclaimed Denim Jacket $1,200

Maori Mask Jacket Figue 1200

Now at first glance, you’ll just go “Ew, what the hell is that crap?” because you haven’t been told it’s a ‘hand-embroidered Maori Mask patch.’

So get this:

All embellishments are done by male artisans in Southern India.

What a wondrous statement! Why ‘male’ artisans? Why Southern India, when Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand?

Maori jacket 2

Most of all, why does Figue think we should pay $1,200 for this eyesore? Is it because…

each reclaimed vintage Levi’s denim jacket [is] sourced by Stephanie for its wash and fit.

Stephanie, whoever you are, you have some fucking nerve.

One thought on “Reclaimed Denim Jacket $1,200

  1. I wonder how much those ‘male artisans’ are paid per hour to bedazzle. Of all the hideous denim, this piece [of shit] makes me the most angry. Man, I hate Stephanie, whoever the fuck she is.

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