The Denim Shirt Skirt: I Think Not.

denim shirt skirt faith connection“A shredded faded denim Faith Connexion skirt with the look of an oversized jacket. Snap closure. Unlined.”

Okay but why not just buy a huge denim jacket from a thrift-shop and tie it around your waist, if you want this look? At $501 (reduced from the original price of $836) you have to be really, really stupid to buy this tragic item.

Let’s check out the rear view:

denim shirt skirt rear view

Nope, not impressed.

Here’s a note about the brand.

The sleek, citified sensibility behind Faith Connexion apparel is inspired by elements of architecture and a pared-down, Parisian street-chic aesthetic.

Oh please. Just take it away.



3 thoughts on “The Denim Shirt Skirt: I Think Not.

  1. “Sleek.” Time for a dictionary. I don’t know how some of these designers get away with this shit. I truly wonder if they know damn well what they’re doing and are laughing themselves silly, or if they really believe in their “important work.” I hope it’s the former. I’d have more respect:)

    As always, thank you for brightening my day, and certainly, the day of many!

  2. Suzanne – My pleasure. thank you for “sleek”, I didn’t even notice that. Maybe it was ‘Opposite Day’?

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