Skinny Denim Jeans With Shearling Fur Cuffs

Fendi Denim with fur cuffs 2250

Admit that these Fendi jeans are magnificent.

On sale at Neiman Marcus for just $2,250, they are sure to win admiring glances from goats, sheep, and llamas.

They’ll be going, “Look, someone forgot to finish shearing off her coat!”

They won’t really notice the classic five pocket skinny cut or the cotton/spandex fabric.

But you’ll feel like a million bucks for getting such a great deal, if you wear IT size 6 or 10.

I’m not sure if I want ‘bucks’ to be a pun here.

Yes! Let’s have it be a pun.

I don’t know what else to say about this special piece except that someone at Fendi needs to die.



3 thoughts on “Skinny Denim Jeans With Shearling Fur Cuffs

  1. Bwahaha The cuffing wasn’t enough, they had to pair them with boots that look like old peoples furniture.

  2. Shameful. It’s almost like the designer came across Flashdance on cable during a bout of insomnia then broke out the sketchbook during the final dance scene. Maybe we can look forward to welding bib-inspired pieces for fall.

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