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Moschino Skirt: Ew!

moschino denim skirt

A playful, asymmetrical Moschino miniskirt in classic denim. 5-pocket styling. Button closure and zip fly. Unlined.

Playful is often a synonym for “awful” apparently. I know that when I wear something a little unusual, like my weird old silver sneakers, some idiot will say “What fun shoes!” They might just as well scream EW!

So let’s call this skirt Playful and Fun. It looks sort of like a big denim handkerchief, only worse.

moschino denim skirt 2

From the back, it’s just sad.

Why doesn’t Moschino just fire that cunt already???

$550 at Shopbop

Slogan Denim Trousers $275

tigran avetisyan jeans 2

These oversized bleached black denim trousers have a wide leg and an elastic waistband stitched with the enigmatic phrase, “What Will Remain.”

Oh just shut up. They’re also unbelievably stupid from every angle.

Does the fact that the designer, Tigran Avetisyan, is a Russian hipster mitigate the awfulness of these ‘denim trousers?’ Not for me. No pass for Tigran.

If we’re grading strictly on unattractiveness, this is a ten out of ten. The shape, the hem, the stupid waistband slogan, pure eyesore.

But don’t worry, they’re sold out!

Who Doesn’t Love Harem Jeans?

desigual jeans frontWhat’s not to love here?

Harem jeans are always hideous, by definition, but this style by Desigual pulls out all the stops.

The belt, the embroidery or whatever that shit is, even the pockets are vaguely awry.

Most eye-catching is the exaggerated effect of a full diaper. It’s like the weight of the diaper-load is pulling the crotch down. Her leg placement doesn’t help either. You just want to lead her to the bathroom.

Here’s a slightly different model, just to show you that Desigual isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to harem jeans.

Desigual harems

Thanks to Marky for this submission.